Research fields

Research center for Economical Engineering and Production Systems – C05B conducts fundamental and applied research, advice and assistance scientific-tehnical training, continuous training and expertise in the fields of Industrial Engineering and Engineering and management.

1. Industrial Engineering

Within this field, research is carried out in the field of machine tools, equipment and unconventional technologies, research in the field of fluidic actuators. The application research for the implementation of non-conventional machine tools, equipment and technologies in the industry, as well as the development of innovative solutions in manufacturing are performed by Reverse Engineering, Prototype Production techniques and testing of fluid systems on machine tools, equipment and stands equipped with equipment and state-of-the-art software.

The main research areas are: studies, design and optimization of machine tools and advanced manufacturing systems, CAD / CAM assisted design, CNC programming, prototyping, testing of machine tools regarding their quality and reliability by using robust design, systems of industrial automation and industrial robots.

2. Engineering and Management

In this area of research is conducted innovative interdisciplinary studies - engineering and economic management in order to implement integrated management systems and scientific research on modeling, simulation, optimization and management of industrial processes and advanced manufacturing systems.

The main areas of activity within this field are: design and management of production systems, assisted technical-economic analysis of products, processes and industrial production systems, consultancy in the field of project management, industrial investment management, identification and allocation of financing sources in business industry, marketing research and economic forecasts.