One of the most important objectives of the Research and Development Institute is represented by the collaboration with the business environment, focused on designing and developing innovative products and prototypes that are required on the market. We are open towards building a tight relationship with the companies interested in a long-run cooperation in the field of fundamental and applied research. We invite all potential partners to contact us at the email address:


For SMEs

The development of the collaboration with SMEs represents a priority for Transilvania University of Brașov, focusing on several courses of action.

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Innovation and advanced technologies

The cooperation with the companies in the field of product innovation, process innovation and organisational innovation represents a constant preoccupation of the academic community of the city of Brasov.

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The Technological and Business Incubator

The Technological and Business Incubator of Transilvania University of Brașov (ITA-UniTBv) promotes the foundation and development of innovative businesses, based on advanced technologies, in order to facilitate the transfer of the scientific research findings towards the business environment.

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Digital Innovation Hub

  • DIH Services
    • Transilvania University of Brașov, together with the Metropolitan Agency Brașov, Brasov City Hall and the Economic German Club, have initiated the development of a digital hub called Brașov Digital Innovation Hub at the Research and Development Institute of the University.
  • Digital technologies
    • For companies, the use of digital technologies represents the main channel to for accomplishing digital transformation, which ensures not only their anchoring in the global digital economy, but also their entrance in a new era of organisational production, consumption and culture.