Research fields

Research center for Economical Engineering and Production Systems – C05B conducts fundamental and applied research, advice and assistance scientific-tehnical training, continuous training and expertise in the fields of Industrial Engineering and Engineering and management.


The research center has modern equipment and specialized software, numerically controlled machine tools, located in Laboratory L03 - Advanced Manufacturing Technologies and Systems:

Products and services with innovative potential

1. Equipment for the rehabilitation of the supporting joints of the lower limbs operated by pneumatic muscles - Deaconescu T., Deaconescu A.

2. System gripping jaws parallel to the two asymmetric driven by pneumatic muscle Deaconescu T., Deaconescu A., Negrea D.


1. Proiectul LIMESYS - Development of new LIght Mechatronic SYStems based on dynamics and control optimisation

2. Research on the performance of pneumatic muscles used in the operation of non-anthropomorphic robot prehensors

3. Development of rotational and translational modules for rehabilitation robots, driven by pneumatic muscles

4. Isokinetic equipment operated with pneumatic muscles, intended for the recovery of patients with post-traumatic diseases of the supporting joints

5. Theoretical and applied research regarding the dimensioning, configuration and simulation of flexible manufacturing systems for the processing of circular shafts

6. Control and pneumatic drive of the production systems



Prof. Dr. Eng. Adriana FLORESCU – Centre Coordinator 
Assoc. Dr. Eng. ec. Flavius-Aurelian SÂRBU
Prof. Dr. Eng. Gavrilă CALEFARIU
Prof. Dr. Eng. Romeo CIOARĂ
Prof. Dr. Eng.Tudor DEACONESCU
Prof. Dr. Eng. Andrea DEACONESCU
Prof. Dr. Eng. Mircea BOȘCOIANU
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Eng. Cristian PISARCIUC
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Eng. Catrina CHIVU
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Eng. Cătălin CHIVU
Lecturer Dr. Eng. Cătalin GHEORGHE
Lecturer Dr. Eng. Georgiana LIMBĂȘAN
Lecturer Dr. Eng. Cristina GĂVRUȘ
Lecturer Dr. Eng. Magdalena BARBU
Lecturer Dr. Eng. Ioana PETRE
Researcher Dr. Sorin-Adrian BARABAȘ