Research fields

The Centre offers scientific research and technical consultancy services for the implementation of innovative design and manufacture techniques and technologies, and for manufacturing  by such technologies, prototypes and small series in the industrial and medical field. The products are manufactured by using additive technologies, CNC machining, water jet and abrasive cutting and wire erosion, using the latest equipment and software design.




The main research areas fall into the priority area Materials, Processes and Innovative Products, but there are also border approaches between this field and the priority areas Energy, Environment and Health. The main general research topics are:

  • designing and testing CAD/CAPP/CAM systems used in industry, renewable energy systems and in medical applications;
  • using additive manufacturing technologies in the industrial, aerospacial, medical and renewable energy domains;
  • using the Reverse Engineering technique by 3D scanning methods and its applications in the car building, aerospacial and medical industry;
  • developing, testing and improving innovative technologies in the manufacture of products;
  • developing and implementing adaptive management methods for modern manufacturing technological processes;
  • developing and testing technologies of incremental deformation of metal sheets;
  • developing and testing measuring techniques of various quality parameters of parts;
  • designing and testing statistical control plans of processes and products;
  • designing and applying the techniques of accelerated testing of the reliability of products and processes;
  • statistical processing, analyzing and interpreting experimental data;
  • applying modern techniques to determine the reliability of industrial products;
  • developing integrated management systems in accordance with international standards in the field of quality - environment - health and occupational safety;
  • professional training services in the areas of competence.