Research fields

Sustainable forestry and wildlife management

This field of research includes the study of forest ecosystems in relation to the sustainable management of forest and wildlife resources.

The main topics in this field of research are the following ones: forest genetics; soil science; the study of forest seeds; silvicultural systems; ecological restoration; silvobiology and silvotechnics; botanical, dendrological, phytocenological, physiological, and genetic assessment; general and applied ecology studies; the research, monitoring, and combating of forest pests and diseases; the study and monitoring of wildlife populations; game and salmonid intensive management, etc.  

The specific activities comprise: assessing genetic diversity of forest species, the genetic identification (by means of primary biochemical and DNA markers) of valuable populations, mapping genetic forest resources, analysing ecological niches, identifying and describing climatic and edaphic ecotypes for the main forest species, soil analyses, research on interrupting seed dormancy, estimating carbon storage in tree plantations, quality control of forest seeds, phytosociological (analytical and synthetic) studies, elaborating management plans for protected areas, studying the dynamics of wildlife populations, etc.


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