• The Forest Genetics Lab
• Forest Soils Lab
• The Plant Physiology Lab
• The Forest Seeds Lab
• The Forest Protection Lab
• The Wildlife Lab


 The Forest Genetics Lab

  1. Beckman Coulter DNA Sequencer – used for genome sequencing by means of capillary electrophoresis

DSC 3605

  1. Thermocycler (Eppendorf and Corbertt), Real Time PCR – machines used to generate PCR (Polymerase chain reaction)

01DSC 4882

  1. Thermo Scientific Nanodrop – used to measure DNA quality and concentration
  1. Ball mill – used to grind harvested vegetal material
  1. Eppendorf Thermomixer – a device used for mixing and cooling 24 2ml tubes

02DSC 4856

  1. Vertical and horizontal electrophoresis chambers – used for vertical and horizontal electrophoresis

03DSC 3716

  1. Centrifuge for Eppendorf tubes – centrifuges 2ml or smaller tubes

04DSC 3660

  1. Centrifuge for Sigma plates – centrifuges plates for 96 samples

05DSC 3598

  1. Ultraviolet Transilluminator – used to visualize agarose gels
  1. Laminated flux niche for preparing samples

06DSC 3565

  1. 11. Water bath – used for heating substances
  1. Low temperature freezers, refrigerator – used for storing and preserving analysed samples and materials for analysis harvested in the field

07DSC 3750

  1. Other equipment necessary for lab analyses: electrophoresis cooler, power sources for electrophoresis, magnetic mixers, digital pH-meter, precision balance, device for double distilled water production, precision tubes, autoclave, microwave oven, device for flake ice production – used for preparing samples, incubator, drying oven.

08DSC 3624

Forest Soils Lab

  1. Kjeldahl System consisting of:

- digestion unit

- distillation unit – 6 positions, 450oC maximum operating temperature, 4 temperature ramps heating capacity, ± 0.5oC / heating precision with programmed operation – used to determine the total nitrogen in soil and/or vegetal material

  1. Cecil molecular absorption spectometer – monofascicle, 325 – 1100 nm

Used to determine the phosphorus content in soil and vegetal material

  1. Ohaus analytical balance with internal calibration, 220 g capacity, 0.0001g precision, 0.1 mg standard deviation

Weighings for gravimetric lab analyses (soil and vegetal material samples, soil texture, humus content, etc.); preparing substances for analysis        

  1. Ohaus analytical balance with internal calibration, 420 g capacity, 0.001g precision, 1 mg standard deviation

Weighings for gravimetric lab analyses (soil and vegetal material samples, soil texture, humus content, etc.); preparing substances for analysis

  1. Memmert drying oven with natural convection – used to determine soil texture
  1. GFL 2008 Distillation Unit – 78L/hour distilled water debit

Used to produce distilled water for the preparation of substances necessary for chemical analyses     

  1. Digital pH-meter – multiparameter apparatus

Determining soil pH and conductivity

  1. Orbital mixer – orbital vibration, 30 mm vibration amplitude, 0-300 min-1 vibration frequency

Used to determine total exchange capacity        

  1. Magnetic mixers - 50-max 1500 rotation speed, 3700C maximum heating temperature.

Determining total exchange capacity

  1. Nabertherm calcination oven - 1100oC maximum operating temperature

Determining humus content.

The Plant Physiology Lab

Equipment: Kjeldahl System, atomic absorption spectrometer, pressure chamber, calorimeter, gas leaf analyzer, analytical balance, drying oven, microtome, camera capture microscope

The Forest Seeds Lab

Equipment: Jacobsen germinator, thermobalance, analytical balance, convection drying oven, camera capture microscope, electronic caliper, precision dendrometers

The Forest Protection Lab

Equipment: WINFOLIA leaf analysis system, analytical balance, drying oven, camera capture microscope, pest capture systems

The Wildlife Lab

Equipment: night-vision system, long-distance scopes, tranquillizer guns, walkie-talkies, GPS