Research fields

The research of the centre is oriented towards the following areas:

  1. Eco-nano-technologies and advanced materials;
  2. Energy, environment and climate change.

In the larger ecological context of the requirements to reduce emissions and to conceive eco houses, with low energy consumption, the research conducted in the field of Eco-nano-technologies and advanced material focuses on manufacturing new products for the domain of thermal and acoustic insulation. These new materials are composed of lignocellulose waste, which come from the ecologic agriculture and textile industry.

Research Areas:
  • Manufacturing of various structures of lignocellulose panels for interior panelling or production of furniture;
  • Working with thermal modified wood, in order to put together a data base with comparative characteristics of untreated and thermal modified wood. Among the studied characteristics are the physical properties (density, shrinkage and expansion, wettability, colour), mechanical properties (bending strength and flexural modulus, shrinkage, traction and shear strength, and others), and acoustic properties (sound insulation).

In the field of Energy, environment and climate change, the research was oriented towards wood biomass briquettes and pellets, with superior calorific value, used to replace fossil fuels.

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