Research fields

The research of the centre is oriented towards the following areas:

  1. Eco-nano-technologies and advanced materials;
  2. Energy, environment and climate change.

In the larger ecological context of the requirements to reduce emissions and to conceive eco houses, with low energy consumption, the research conducted in the field of Eco-nano-technologies and advanced material focuses on manufacturing new products for the domain of thermal and acoustic insulation. These new materials are composed of lignocellulose waste, which come from the ecologic agriculture and textile industry.

Products and services with innovative potential

The products resulted after the researchers conducted by the members of the Centre are:

Ecological plywood (patented product) – the product consists of three layers of veneers with natural fibres insertions and can be used for furniture and other environmental products. The difference from the classic plywood lays in the fact that there are no synthetic adhesives used in the fabrication process, but bone glue and in the fact that it can be used both as plane surface and as a moulding.

Sound absorbing and thermal insulation planks, made of recycled ABS waste (proposition for patent) – the product is made of acrylic–nitrile butadiene styrene and sawdust, paper and sunflower seeds hull waste and can be used as interior panelling in buildings. It is a thermal insulation made exclusively of waste materials.

Triple-layered panels made of particles and hulls form sunflower seeds (proposition for patent) – made entirely of bio-waste, possibly with decorative paper and for interior design, furniture sampling, wall panelling or included in sandwich structures for cellular panels used for interior doors.

Ecological panels from sunflower waste (proposition for patent) – the newly developed panels are different by the fact that they are made entirely out of bio waste for exterior panelling in private and industrial wood buildings.



The Research Centre has the following infrastructure:


The following projects have been carried out at the Research Centre: