Research fields

Finance and economic-financial analysis

Studies to increase the profitability and to improve the economic-financial management of the companies; Sustainable growth of company value; Efficiency of public expenditure; Cyclicality of the fiscal policy; Efficiency of public investment projects; Increasing the efficiency of business activity


Connection to European accounting standards and the performance of accounting records

Marketing and marketing research

Quantitative marketing research: data collection, analysis and interpretation of primary data; qualitative marketing research: focus groups, brainstorming, in-depth interviews; marketing programmes; coordinating promotional campaigns for products, services and ideas

Statistics and econometrics

Development of advanced statistical and econometric models applicable to the analysis of economic phenomena.


Analysis of the competitive environment of business, micro- and macro-analysis of organizations (SWOT and PEST), business plans and feasibility plans, study of business opportunities (business ideas and innovations that can be brought to market).

Economic informatics

Studying current and emerging technologies in computer science in order to apply them in the economic field, combining the study of fundamental theoretical aspects with the practical approach necessary to the economic area.

European economic integration and international affairs

Studies on the implementation of European economic policies, the adoption of euro currency by Romania and the economic and political cooperation of Romania at European and international level.

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