Research fields

Recent research has been oriented towards timing chain of internal combustion engines, suspension systems (passive suspension and active suspension for steering wheels and nonsteering wheels), steering systems (including four wheel steering systems), windshield wiper systems, safety systems (e.g. seat belt restraint tension system), antropomorphic grippers, couplings. The main research fields are presented below.

The analysis, tribological and dynamic testing of mechanical systems. The domain looks at the description of mechanical systems through stress-strain analysis, deformations, vibration modes, dynamic behaviour with a software orientation (ANSYS, ADAMS etc.); experimental determinations of coefficients of friction, friction loss, efficiency, dynamic behaviour.

The diversification, functional and constructive optimization of mechanical systems The main research paths within this domain are the synthesis of mechanical systems (their mechanisms) oriented towards new solutions; the optimization of mechanical systems under both constructive elements and functional behaviour criteria.

The design of elements/components. The domain focuses on design activities and design consultancy for mechanical systems, including action, command and control systems.

Innovation in the design of elements/ components of mechanical systems. The research domain suggests activities dedicated to finding new rules, principles, methods, ways of looking at conceptual and constructive designing steps. It looks at the development of the novel nature of these processes.