Research Fields

The centre hosts and facilitates research in the socio-human field and offers various specific services. The research skills and interests of the members of the centre can be grouped into the following categories:

1. Social research methodology

Fundamental and applied research is carried out at the centre, while both quantitative (numerical) and qualitative data (textual and visual) are collected, processed, analysed and interpreted. The members of the centre are interested in conducting methodological research, implementing various social research designs and applying the latest and most innovative research methods and techniques.

2. Research and other sociological activities

The staff of the centre conducts sociological research at the micro level having as interests the family, privacy, living space, organizations, local and ethnic communities, etc. and at the macro level by studying for example the quality of life or migration. The centre offers various services related, among others, to the development of career and human resources, to the development of creativity, to the promotion of health at work.

3. Research and interventions specific to social assistance

The members of the centre describe and explain through their research various social problems such as domestic violence, poor housing, marginalization or discrimination, analyse and propose social protection and security policies. They are engaged in the proper exercise of the social worker profession and carry out specific interventions to improve the living conditions of, for example, young people in the social protection system, the homeless, the elderly or the Roma.

4. Marketing, communication and public relations research and services

The centre offers marketing and branding services, conducts public relations campaigns, studies the effects of fake news, interpersonal and group communication, advertising communication.