Products and services with innovative potential

The centre is interested in innovation in research methodology and offers innovative services in the field of sociology and human resources, social work, communication and public relations, digital media.

  • Related to the research methodology: the centre staff is qualified and / or interested in conducting participatory research, to use in projects the factorial research method, innovative qualitative data collection techniques, visual techniques, digital techniques, space techniques.
  • In the field of sociology and human resources: the members of the centre are interested in studying organizations (culture, climate, identity, leadership), provide advice on evaluating, integrating and optimizing the use of VR / AR / mixed reality technologies by museum services, provide guidance services school and professional, for the evaluation of work motivation, for the evaluation of work performance, for the evaluation and development of managerial skills, for the design and implementation of team-building internships.
  • In the field of sociology and human resources: the centre offers mentoring, coaching and supervision services, counselling related to aging or volunteering, debate workshops to stimulate the participation of local communities in the production of knowledge and public policy information.
  • In the field of communication and public relations: the members of the centre offer branding services for products, services and places, building and managing personal brand, design and analyse public relations campaigns and create creative products in public relations.
  • In the field of digital media: the centre facilitates the analysis of online brands, the study of communication in the virtual environment and contributes to the development of a psychosociology of cyberspace.
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