Associate Prof. Dr. Florentina Scârneci-Domnișoru, Head of the Research Centre
Prof. Dr. Carmen Buzea
Prof. Dr. Claudiu Coman
Associate Prof. Dr. Alina Coman
Associate Prof. Dr. Codrina Csesznek
Lecturer Dr. Ioana Atudorei
Lecturer Dr. Diana Bodi
Lecturer Dr. Ana-Maria Bolborici
Lecturer Dr. Arabela Briciu
Lecturer Dr. Victor Briciu
Lecturer Dr. Ada Dobrescu
Lecturer Dr. Mihaela Gotea
Lecturer Dr. Attila Kovács
Lecturer Dr. Luiza Meseșan Schmitz
Lecturer Dr. Horia Moașa
Lecturer Dr. Florin Nechita
Lecturer Dr. Daniela Sorea
Lecturer Dr. Fănel Stroe
Assistant Lecturer Dr. Cătălina Rezeanu


Research Fields

The centre hosts and facilitates research in the socio-human field and offers various specific services. The research skills and interests of the members of the centre can be grouped into the following categories:


The research centre has specific equipment and software products tailored for data analysis and interpretation (e.g. SPSS, Mplus, NVivo).

Products and services with innovative potential

The centre is interested in innovation in research methodology and offers innovative services in the field of sociology and human resources, social work, communication and public relations, digital media.


CONNECT: Construct Network in Counselling for Trauma - Building the Network of Trauma Counselling Specialists
Aplicarea tehnicilor vizuale în cercetarea socialului
Oportunități și limite privind brandingul locurilor în mediul online
Harta problemelor sociale și a nevoii de servicii sociale din județul Brașov. Direcții prioritare privind dezvoltarea serviciilor sociale din județul Brașov
Cartografierea patrimoniului cultural imaterial al Țării Făgăraşului
ACT-Active Telling, Active Learning, 2019
UniCulture: Development of innovative approach for training for university professors to work in the modern diverse and intercultural environment


The activity of this centre is based on open collaboration with company representatives, professional associations and non-governmental associations from the country’s Centre region. Also, the members of this centre are involved in community development projects initiated by the local public administration.