Research fields

CeLTA – Centre for Research in Theoretical and Applied Linguistics


CeLTA, the Centre for Research in Theoretical and Applied Linguistics, broadly aims at conducting innovative and excellence research in both the theoretical and the applied areas of linguistics and language study. Its members are engaged in studying aspects pertaining to individual linguistic disciplines, as well as in approaching them from inter-, multi- and transdisciplinary perspectives.

The members of CeLTA are also involved in enhancing research capacity by initiating and supporting young and would-be researchers from among the gifted doctoral and master’s students of the university’s Faculty of Letters.

Our research centre seeks to stimulate collaborative research internally, among its members, while also integrating its research into the national and international mainstream scientific endeavours. One of our goals is directed towards obtaining inspiring results for other academic communities, but also relevant knowledge meant to impact professional, social, educational and cultural environments.


CeLTA’s research interests range widely within the theoretical and applied facets of disciplines pertaining to linguistics, such as pragmatics and discourse analysis, translation studies, corpus linguistics, comparative linguistics, historical syntax, phonetics and phonology, language acquisition, lexicography, sociolinguistics, terminology, intercultural communication, language teaching for specific purposes. All of CeLTA’s working languages – Romanian, English, French, German and Spanish – are subject to synchronic and diachronic investigations, as well as contrastive studies.

CeLTA’s researchers are keeping pace with the latest research methodologies, adopting and adapting them creatively so as to enhance their quantitative and qualitative research, thereby generating substantial and relevant knowledge. The fundamental and empirical research undertakings of the center’s members are conceived in line with the international scientific trends, thus envisaging an important contribution to the worldwide scientific environment.

CeLTA encourages internal research collaborations, in groups formed by its members, as well as external collaborations with other research centers and groups from Romania or from abroad. At the same time, the CeLTA members are actively involved in helping students and master students become good researchers.