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CeLTA – Centre for Research in Theoretical and Applied Linguistics


The university’s R&D Institute hosts CeLTA, providing a generous and modern space, the facilities of which include access to Internet and databases (ANELIS Plus), a library comprising valuable scientific resources and the equipment needed for scientific investigation in the linguistic realm.

The setting is the meeting place for its researchers’ teams working on projects and interacting with partners from other research centres from inside and outside the Institute. It is also home to PhD and master’s students’ research activities and an adequate venue for round tables, workshops, conferences and seminars.

Products and services with innovative potential


The research results of the CeLTA members are presented at national and international conferences and published in specialized scientific reviews, conference proceedings, collective volumes, books and book chapters. In addition, some research projects have generated outcome that addresses social, economic and scientific environments for practical use or further scientific investigation. The papers presented at the events organized by the CeLTA researchers appeared in volumes published by renowned national and international conferences that were indexed in WOS, ISI Conference Proceedings.


Completed projects

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The CeLTA members collaborate with Iorgu Iordan Linguistics Institute in Bucharest mainly through Professor Dr. Mihaela Gheorghe, who is affiliated to this institution and who is involved in many of its projects. At the same time, some of the CeLTA members participate regularly in the scientific events organized by the afore-mentioned institution.

CeLTA collaborates with translation companies for proofreading translations, identifying deficiencies and for formulating translation strategies adapted to the labour market. At the same time, CeLTA offers consultancy for translations published by various publishing houses and collaborates with public institutions in the field of professional language research in order to make professional communication more efficient.

Of importance is the fact that some of the CeLTA members are affiliated to national and international professional associations such as RSEAS (Romanian Society for English and American Studies), which, in its turn, is affiliated to a European structure - ESSE (European Society for the Study of English).

The EST (European Society for Translation Studies) affiliation has brought many advantages to the CeLTA team. In 2016 EST contributed to the success of the panel dedicated to translating and interpreting within the SUM conference (Panel on Translation and Interpretation Studies). In 2018, the research micro-team specialized in the theory and practice of translation, coordinated by dr. Mona Arhire, won the annual EST grant – Book Purchase Grant -, with the project Conceptualizing the recurrent features of the translational Romanian language based on parallel and comparable reference corpora. This grant helps the project with up-to-date scientific material.


The researchers of CeLTA are all academics affiliated to the Department of Theoretical and Applied Linguistics (DeLTA) of the University’s Faculty of Letters.