The team of the the Emil Poenaru Centre for Legal Research is formed of teaching staff members from the Department of Law, who are leading specialists in the legal domain:

  1. Dr. Cristinel Ioan Murzea, Dean of the Faculty of Law
  2. Dr. Ioan Schiau
  3. Dr. Titus Prescure
  4. Dr. Nasty Marian Vlădoiu
  5. Dr. Ioana Nicolae, Head of the Emil Poenaru Centre for Legal Research and Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Law
  6. Prof. Dr. Carmen Adriana Gheorghe
  7. Prof. Dr. Ioan Aron
  8. Prof. Dr. Andreea Cătălina Ciurea
  9. Prof. Dr. Silviu Gabriel Barbu
  10. Prof. Dr. Gabriel Tița-Nicolescu
  11. Prof. Dr. Roxana Matefi, Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Law
  12. Lecturer Dr. Oana Șaramet, Head of the Department of Law
  13. Lecturer Dr. Ramona Ciobanu
  14. Lecturer Dr. Cristina Mihaela Salcă-Rotaru
  15. Lecturer Dr. Marian Pompiliu Drilea-Marga
  16. Lecturer Dr. Petru Hlipcă-Miron
  17. Lecturer Dr. Constantin Ioan Gliga
  18. Lecturer Dr. Cristinel Costel Ghigheci
  19. Lecturer Dr. Maria Magdalena Bârsan
  20. Lecturer Dr. Nicușor Crăciun
  21. Lecturer Dr. Anca Roxana Adam
  22. Lecturer Dr. Cătălina Georgeta Dinu
  23. Lecturer Dr. Laura Manea
  24. Lecturer Dr. Codruț Nicolae Savu
  25. Assistant Lecturer Dr. Diana Geanina Ionaș
  26. Assistant Lecturer Dr. Ionela Maria Bârsan
  27. Assistant Lecturer Dr. Cristina Dinu
  28. Assistant Lecturer Dr. Adrian Aldea
  29. Assistant Lecturer Dr. Bianca Georgeta Spîrchez
  30. Assistant Silviu Dorin Șchiopu, PhD candidate