Products and services with innovative potential

Among the notable achievements of the human resource of “Emil Poenaru” Juridical Studies Centre, we can mention:

I. Organization of scientific conferences

II. Publishing of papers in ISI journals and/or ISI Proceedings of the various international conferences

III. Publishing of monographs and university courses at publishing houses recognized for juridical sciences

 IV. Receiving awards

Research fields

The priority areas of scientific research of “Emil Poenaru” Juridical Studies Centre are:
• Strategies for legal reform;
• National and international legal framework;
•  The protection of the human rights at national and international level


“Emil Poenaru” Juridical Studies Centre has its location in Laboratory L3 of the CDI Institute - PRO-DD. It has all the profile appropriate facilities, such as: computers, legal software, specialized library, access to databases, etc., which are needed for investigations of our researchers, as well as the space to interact professionally with members of other Research Units within the Institute or other universities.


The legality-opportunity relationship in the administrative act and the identification of risk factors for the assurance of efficient management

This project was funded as a result of winning the UniTBv Competition Grants for interdisciplinary teams, 2018.

The duration of the project is 12 months (February 2017 - February 2018), with a budget of 46.000 RON.

The main objective of the project consists in the development of the necessary framework for assisting the local public administration authorities, their subordinate or coordinated structures (i.e. institutions, government business enterprises, commercial companies, etc.) and their employees in identifying the extreme situations that jeopardize the legality-opportunity relationship and in detecting the risk factors that generate this sort of situations which can be prevented for the assurance of efficient management.  


The aim of the Emil Poenaru Centre for Legal Research is to develop partnerships, based on concluded partnership agreements, with entities such as: Brașov Bar, District Court of Brașov, local public administration authorities namely Brașov City Hall or Sinaia Town Hall, The Office for Cadastre and Real Estate Publicity of Brașov, etc., for the organization of scientific events on both theoretical and applied topics from the domain of law.


The team of the the Emil Poenaru Centre for Legal Research is formed of teaching staff members from the Department of Law, who are leading specialists in the legal domain: