Research fields

The SPC centre is organized in several research groups:

- Intelligent Control and Computer Vision,
- Services and Products for Intelligent Environment,
- Robotics, Vision and Control (ROVIS Laboratory).

The activity of these groups is mainly focused on the following topics:

- Parallel and Distributed Processing for System Engineering,
- Computer Vision Systems for Visual Control of Autonomous Robots,
- Intelligent Process Control,
- IT&C systems for the management of the intelligent environment,
- Using Cloud Computing infrastructure for obtaining the calculation power necessity,
- Using the platform with Service Oriented Architecture for process management
- Programming of robotic systems and of the manufacturing flexible lines,
- Systems identification and modeling, and electrical drives,
- Intelligent environment based on wireless sensor networks,
- Real-time monitoring of the persons health parameters,
- Image processing and video frames (streaming, surveillance),
- Processing of multiple data sets, classifying and prediction using artificial neural networks,
- Big data processing using artificial neural networks, inspired from genetic theory and human brain model
- developing novel visual-based learning and control algorithms for robotic systems operating in real-world scenarios.