Products and services with innovative potential

1. ASIC Read-Out Controller (ROC) integrated circuit made in CMOS IBM 130nm, with a BGA type capsule is real time data package processor for data acquisition and processing from the muon detectors within the ATLAS experiment in CERN, Geneva. ROC is meant to aggregate, store, filter, encapsulate and retransmit data packages received from the muon detectors within the ATLAS experiment in CERN, Geneva. Combinational logic circuits and internal clock signals are triplicated to ensure optimal functioning under radiation conditions. The ASIC was developed in cooperation with the National Institute for Research and Development for Physics and Nuclear Energy “Horia Hulubei”, Măgurele.
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2. Intelligent device for overcurrent and overvoltage protection of electrical devices.

The voltage and absorbed current analysis is performed by a microcontroller with an integrated digital analogue converter. The current analysis is performed with a specialized current transducer and the voltage analysis by rectifying, filtering and division. When detecting a short-circuit or overvoltage the microcontroller decouples the consumer unit. Advantages: high decoupling speed (max. 10ms), no need for human intervention, because


3. Electrometric oxygen detector (patent no. 125599)

Is intended for detection and measurement of low concentrations of oxygen in non-inflammable gas, with concentrations below 50 ppm, using ppm, using zirconium cells or partially stabilized


4. Stripline fractal antenna (OSIM patent application Oct. 27th, 2014)

Is an antenna in the field of microwaves, recommended for broadband mobile communications. The Antenna has a fractal architecture, with closed/open frame elements, the frames being divided in two identical capacitive coupled semi-frames.


5. Accelerated testing method and device for photovoltaic cell aging time ARCL (OSIM patent application July 31st, 2015)

Refers to a accelerated testing system for photovoltaic cell aging time. The method uses concentrated light as an aging agent, based upon measuring maximal power of the tested photovoltaic cell, the cell being considered aged when the maximal power decreases by 20% when compared to the initial value.


6. Hybrid PV/TEG/STC system for heating the water in a pool OSIM patent application Oct. 30th, 2017)

The hybrid system consists in a sandwich-type structure made of photovoltaic panels, thermo-electrical generators and flat-plate solar collector, the system providing both the electrical power generated by the photovoltaic panels and the flat-plate collector, and the thermal energy generated by the flat-plate collector. The resulting electrical power is used for moving the water through the system, whereas the surplus is stored within an accumulator system.

7. RELab system for the study of solar and eolian

Consists in two components: the NI ELVIS platform and the RELab extensions that can be reconfigured using photovoltaic cells, a wind turbine that can be reconfigured using photovoltaic cells, wind turbine or thermal solar collector. The software application for the system is developed using LabVIEW.

8. Electronic Dashboard

Is made by means of a Raspberry Pi 2 that runs a Linux operating system and some support processes for processing and display of information on a monitor connected on the HDMI interface. The dashboard contains a configurable number of sections that display information from various sources in HTML, CSS and PHP formats.


9. StudentEDEA

Is based on the National Instruments ELVIS platform and on the myDAQ hands-on learning system for students. The system uses the Cypress PSoC, is programmed using LabVIEW, and is commercialized by the EPI SISTEM company in Brașov.

10. Nitriding sensor

Is a new type of sensor based upon a noise and fluctuation measuring technique that uses the frequency exponent for in-situ measuring of diffusion processes in steel, measuring two types of noise – one due to magnetic excitation and the other to electrical conductivity. The nitriding sensor was designed as a capacitive system that allows automatic control of the nitriding process, by placement thereof within a nitriding furnace.

11. The thermal impulse sensor for gas flow measurement

Makes use the thermal impulse method for measuring relatively minor flows, regardless of the gas type. The measuring system relies on virtual instrumentation, allowing immediate integration within industrial control systems.

12. Hardware implementation for security systems and algorithms

That rely on PUF (Physical Unclonable Function) circuits and the generation of binary sequences, based upon the process variations occur in the production stages of integrated circuits. The RO PUF Circuit was implemented on various families of FPGA from Xilinx: Spartan 3E, Spartan6, Virtex 4 sau Zynq.

13. Solution for distribution and balance of traffic in mobile networks based on the LISP (Location and Identity Separation Protocol) protocol

Developed in partnership with SIEMENS Convergence Creators company from Brașov, allows the development of IP technologies for optimization of mobile services in the Internet of Things (IoT)..


14. IP network traffic engineering system

is made in partnership with the IXIA company from Bucharest, by integrating the IP Performance Tester optixia XM2 (a full IP protocol simulator, with IXNetwork (L2, L3) and IXLoad (L4-L7)) software license, with ATCA (Advanced Telecom & Computing Architecture) platform available within the C13 of the ICDT.

Projects made the integrated platform include prototyping software defined networks(SDN) and the centralized control of security, firewall policies and real time traffic analysis with deep package inspection (DPI): implementing Qos policies in software defined networks, implementing SDN policies for security applications with Mininet and nDPI, routing in software defined networks based upon semantic principles – implementing POX anD Sesame RDF (Semantic Web), 4G traffic engineering system oriented towards IP securing (traffic tunnelling, optimizing bandwidth, prioritizing traffic, control of package delay, traffic re-routing by establishing an extra route and integrating with DiffServ for providing QoS).

15. Server Cloud Platform for services multi-media

Has a structure based on 7 DELL 1850 servers and was created in partnership with SIEMENS Convergence Creators company in Brașov. The platform offers support for Virtualization (VmWare vSphere, Citrix XEN and OpenStack), IMS (IP Multimedia Server) and SBC (Session Border Controller).

16. Development and testing system for communication services

Consists in a radio access network (BTS-BSC GSM/GPRS & NodeB-RNC 3G/UMTS– Siemens/NEC line) and an integrated switching network (Core ATCA Radysis / Continuous Computing) with monitors/emulators of Tektronix K1297 protocol, emulator system of IPSL SS7/TDM protocol and SS7 over IP and “xBridge” switches with SNMP management for interconnection of components. The system has been developed in partnership with SIEMENS Convergence Creators company in Brașov.

17. Cognitive radio system for indoor distribution of video HDTV signal using TV ”White Spaces”

Has been developed in partnership with Cagliari University, Italia. The system operates on TV UHF band and relies on a combined approach of data bases for using the spectrum (Geo Location Databases – GL-DB) and local spectrum sensing operations. A terrestrial digital television compatible prototype (DVB-T) has been implemented using commercial DTT receivers in combination with e Software Defined Radio (SDR) devices. An applicative scenario is one of a short action area distribution system for wireless retransmission of free-to-air contents and PPV DTT, redirecting several PPV channels in different television MUX-es in a centralized manner, only with a central device and a subscription.