CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research), Geneva, Elveția - UTBv is a partner institute for the ATLAS Experiment for the contribution to the development of electronic systems of data acquisition from particle detectors.

Copernicus Academy of the European Commission - UTBv is member of the Copernicus Academy for development in the field of satellite image analysis.

National Institute of Research and Development for Nuclear Physics and engineering „Horia Hulubei”, Măgurele - UTBv is member of the national cluster ATLAS and partner in the PNIII RO-CERN „ATLAS Experiment from LHC” project.

The research and development institute for technologies and equipment for environmental protection - PED project partner „System for the protection and security of electrical power use in smart cities”

PREH Romania - Research contract financing party „Study on implementing comfort and assistance functions in automotives”.