Products and services with innovative potential

The RESREC teams have developed new products and technologies protected by patents.

1.Bostan I; Visa I., Dulgheru V., Dicusara I., Ciobanu R., Ciobanu O., Solar station with Stirling engine, MD3600 (G2) / 2008
2.Visa I; Duta A; Diaconescu D; Vatasescu M; Hermenean I; Saulescu R; Velicu R G; Totu I, Tracking mechanism for guiding a solar panel consists of a short balance lever and a long balance lever, and a connecting rod where the long balance lever performs an angular displacement under the action of a plane triangular mechanism, RO125253-A2, a 2008/B00622
3.Ciobanu D; Diaconescu D; Velicu R G; Visa I, Reducer with cardioid cams for directing the solar-thermal collectors comprises of pinion with two teeth placed in parallel planes and cog wheel with rolls arranged on two rows and shifted by a half pitch, RO125178-A0/a 2008/
4.Bostan I; Visa I., Dulgheru V., Ciuperca R., Wind turbine with vertical axle (variants) , MD3847 (C2) / 2009
5.Bostan I; Visa I., Dulgheru V., Dicusara I., Solar paraboloid plant orientation system, MD3975 (C2) / 2010
6.Visa I., Duta A.,Diaconescu D., Negrea I., Totu I. Pop V., Wind Turbine Rotor, RO125465 (B1)/ 2010
7.Visa I., Duta A., Diaconescu D., Vatasescu M., Hermenean I., Saulescu R., Velicu R., Totu I., Steering Mechanism, RO126335 (B1)/ 2014
8.Visa I., Duta A., Diaconescu D.V., Vatasescu M., Hermenea I., Saulescu R., Velicu D., Totu I., Steering Mechanism, RO126334 (B1) / 2014
9.Visa I., Diaconescu D.V., Creanga N., Saulescu R., Badea M., Totu I., Hermenean I., Burduhos B., Articulated steering mechanism with gear wheels, RO126230 (B1)/ 2016
10.Visa I., Diaconescu D.V., Ciobanu D., Velicu R., Reducer with cardioid cams, RO125178 (B1) /2011
11.Visa I., Duta A., Diaconescu D.V., Saulescu R., Popa V., Burduhos B., Guiding mechanism, RO125253 (B1) / 2011
12.Visa I., Duta A., Totu I., Flat plate Solar Collector with Flat Tubes, RO125994 (B1)/ 2013
13.Bostan I., Visa I., Dulgheru V., Ciuperca R., Combined Vertical axis Wind Turbine, RO127909 (B1) / 2013
14.Visa I., Duta A., Lates R., Lates M., Totu I., diaconescu D.V., Flat thermal solar collector with modular structure, RO201200009 (U1) / 2014
15.Visa I., Duta A., Jaliu C., Enesca C., Device for producing hydrogen by photoelectrolysis, RO125540 (B1) / 2013
16.Visa I., Diaconescu D.V., Neagoe M., Eftimie E., Serban C., Moldovan M., Saulescu R., Vatasescu M., Burduhos B., Totu I., Monoaxial orientation mechanism with two linear actuators, RO127979 (B1) / 2016
17.Perniu D., Bogatu C., Duta A., Isac L., Covei M., Visa I., Neagoe M., VIS-active photocatalytic dispersion. Patent code: B01J 21/06 2017
18.Velea D.G., Visa I., Madaras L., Double toothed harmonic transmission with a wave generator having a shift of Π/2, RO128656 (B1) / 2018
19.Visa I., Dombi V., Moldovan M., Saulescu R., Totu I., Badea M., POrca Vatasescu M., Serban C., System and method for orienting flat plate solar thermal collector depending on the thermal need, RO127678 (B1)/ 2018
20.Enesca A., Duta A., Visa I., Device For Determining Optoelectric Properties Of Materials, Patent Number: RO126234 (B1)/ 2018
21.Visa I., Duta A., Diaconescu D.V., Hermenean I., Vatasescu M., Velicu R., Badea M., Totu I., Articulated orientation mechanism, RO126149 (B1)/ 2018
22.Visa M., Duta A., Composite material with adsrobent and photocatalytic properties under UV and VIS irradiation and precedure to obtain it. Patent code: B01J 20/04, 2018