Research fields

Following an interdisciplinary approach, we are ready to carry out a dynamic vision over sustainable development, with a focus on solar energy conversion systems integrated in the built environment and in waste recycling.

The aim of our activity is to contribute to the development of Sustainable Communities with novel, complex, usable and feasible solutions. Taking into consideration the engineering aspects of Sustainable Communities, as well as the precise experience of the two groups that form the Centre: Product Design and Advanced Materials, the interdisciplinary research represents the main activity, while concentrating on: Materials- Components- Systems- Buildings and Communities.


The research activity within the RESREC centre is set up using the infrastructure that is continuously extended through grants and contracts. Moreover, installations for synthesis of the materials and experimental booths are being placed in the L11 building, on the terraces of labs and in the surrounding area of these labs.

Products and services with innovative potential

The RESREC teams have developed new products and technologies protected by patents.




Prof. Dr. Eng. Ion Vișa – Member of the Romanian Academy of Technical Sciences, PhD supervisor
Prof. Dr. Eng. Anca Duță Capră – Coordinator of the RESREC Centre
Prof. Dr. Luminița Andronic, PhD supervisor
Prof. Dr. Lucia Dumitrescu, PhD supervisor
Prof. Dr. Eng. Codruța Jaliu, PhD supervisor
Prof. Dr. Maria Vișa, PhD supervisor
Prof. Dr. Eng. Mircea Neagoe
Prof. Dr. Dana Perniu
Prof. Dr. Luminița Isac
Prof. Dr. Eng. Anca Bârsan
Prof. Dr. Eng. Lucian Bârsan
Prof. Dr. Camelia Drăghici
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Eng. Macedon Moldovan
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Eng. Bogdan Burduhos
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Eng. Mihai Comșiț