Research fields

Education Sciences
Special psycho-pedagogy

The field of Psychology comprises the following research areas:

  • Resilience, life satisfaction and well-being in different professional categories and age groups
  • Environmental psychology - space appropriation, pro-environmental behaviors in leisure activities
  • Telework and job satisfaction
  • Emotion - a valuable resource in the work of practicing psychologists
  • Support group focused on managing emotions in crisis situations
  • Psychological aspects of academic learning
  • Personality, interests and school performance
  • Entrepreneurship personality
  • Development of a Battery of Vocational Skills
  • Drafting of a new Questionnaire for Academic Adaptation to the gymnasium, high school and university cycles
  • Determining mental maturity at school age
  • Adaptation and calibration of psychological tests for Romanian respondents
  • Development of psychometric tools of own design

In the field of Education Sciences, the research areas are as follows:

  • Management of human resources in education
  • Professional mutations due to the training of early education specialists
  • Redimensioning the teacher's competence profile from the perspective of the socio-emotional education of children and secondary-school students
  • Management of the educational process
  • Evaluating the impact of curriculum development theoretical models for continuous training
  • New technologies and education: opportunities, ways of integration in the instructional-educational process, efficiency, limits and benefits.
  • Theoretical and practical ways to support the family for raising and educating children (parental education, school-family educational partnership)
  • School organization management. Institutional capacity development strategies
  • Initial and continuous training of teachers
  • Reconsiderations of the initial and continuous training of teachers from the perspective of the demands of the 21st century
  • "School differently" and the metacompetences of the future
  • Early education with openings to parental education
  • Management of counseling activities for students and parents
  • Cultivating intrinsic motivation in students - needs, strategies, programme

The field of research special psycho-pedagogy studies the issues related to the integration of children / pupils with deficiencies in mainstream school, their psycho-pedagogical characteristics and ways of therapeutic intervention.

Research topics:

  • Study of the continuous training of itinerant teachers
  • Advantages and limitations of integrating children / students with SEN
  • Modalities of therapeutic intervention
  • Educational aspects of the integration of children with special needs in mainstream school
  • Training of itinerant teachers
  • Curricular adaptation - critical aspects in Romanian education
  • Counseling students with special educational needs and their families
  • Educational aspects of the school inclusion process of children with SEN
  • Inclusive school management. Institutional capacity development strategies
  • Learning difficulties in the context of disability
  • Emotion management in the schooling context
  • Management of interpersonal relationships in the inclusive school
  • Occupational therapy in preventing damage to the muscles of the hands

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