Products and services with innovative potential

  • David, L., Truța, C., Cazan, A.M, & Henter, R. (2019). Step by step in career guidance: Guide for trainers (Bilingual edition). Brașov: Transilvania University of Brașov Publishing House
  • Working Memory Battery (Prof. A. I. Clinciu)
  • Sheet for determining mental maturity at preschool age (Prof. A. I. Clinciu)
  • Preschool assessment battery. Technical manual (assessment of aptitude for schooling - Prof. A. I. Clinciu)
  • Vocational Skills Battery (Prof. AI. Clinciu)
  • Academic Inadequacy Questionnaire for middle, high school and university school cycles (Prof. A.I. Clinciu, Assoc. Prof. Cazan Ana-Maria)
  • A new version of the Cube Test for determining nonverbal intelligence (Prof. A. I. Clinciu).

Education Sciences
  • Adult training programmes designed as a result of identification of specific training needs
  • Training programmes for teachers in pre-university education
  • Training programmes for different categories of teaching staff
  • Practical training guides for teachers
  • Research on topics of interest for the educational system at county and regional level
  • Consultancy and methodological assistance for the implementation of the national curriculum and curriculum design at the school level
  • Curriculum for developing self-esteem in preadolescents (Lupu D.): Developing self-confidence (practical guide). 2019. Cluj-Napoca: Cluj University Press. ISBN: 978-606-37-0585-4;

Special psycho-pedagogy
  • Exploratory training programme for itinerant instructors
  • Volume - IMPOTENCE-MOVEMENT-FORCE (psychopedagogy of the disabled). 2016. Cluj-Napoca: University of Cluj. ISBN: 978-606-37-0049-1;
  • Practical training guides for itinerant teachers