NOt Alone at Home - NOAH

Postdoctoral scholarship

NOt Alone at Home - NOAH

PNCD III European and International cooperation AAL 2016 present. Contract no.: 71/2016

Developing a system of sensors for people living alone to monitor them continuously. The sensors are connected to the cloud and transmit information about the activity of the person in the house. The responsibility in the project is to recruit end-users and involve them in various co-design and co-creation activities. The final goal of the project is to prove the usefulness of the system used by these people in view of its use on the European market.


  • UNIPR – University of Parma, Italy – project initiator
  • Transilvania University of Brașov, Romania
  • Vision Systems, Brașov, Romania
  • AICOD – Parma, Italy
  • PROGES – Parma, Italy
  • FH JOANNEUM - Institut eHealth, Graz, AUSTRIA
  • TRIAS/LiCalab – Turnhout, Belgium
  • ALAG – Gunzburg, Germany

 Project members:

  • Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science: Sorin Moraru, Liviu Perniu, Delia Ungureanu, Dominick Kristaly, Adrian Manea
  • Faculty of Physical Education and Mountain Sports: Adrian Moşoi


Postdoctoral scholarship

The relevance of the qualitative level of psychomotor components in improving the psychosocial adaptability of the adolescent.

Comparative analysis of clinical groups (adolescents with disabilities and behavioural disorders) with adolescents from the general population (which do physical and non-physical exercise) to assess the level of psychological, social and motor development. The aim of the project was to determine the impact of physical exercise in a framework based on the group of evaluated adolescents.



Adrian Moşoi; Lorand Balint (mentor).

 Other useful information:

Sectoral Operational Programme Human Resources Development 2007­-2013
Priority Axis 1: “Education and training in support for growth and development of knowledge-based society”
Major intervention area 1.5. „Doctoral and post­doctoral programmes in support of research”
Project title: Doctoral post-doctoral scholarships for excellence in research
Contract identification number: POSDRU/159/1.5/S/134378
Beneficiary: Transilvania University of Brașov 2014-2015.