2. MyoTest
3. Sistem Polar 2
4. Cronomtru cu foto celulă
6. H/P Cosmos Bandă de Alergare
8. Vienna Test Sport System

It can be applied in all sports

This optical measurement system can be used for all sports both in training, as a test sample and as an assessment method. The two yellow devices are linked with a data cable to a laptop to perform real-time measurement, and the evaluator or coach has the possibility to compare the data or the evaluation with other data, even to intervene in the test if necessary.

It measures:

  • height of the jump
  • flight times
  • contact times
  • energy
  • rhythm
  • coordination



DSC 3382

2. MyoTest

It is a measuring device based on an accelerometer. It can be used in all sports as a test sample both on outdoors courts as well as indoors by attaching it to fitness bars.

Depending on the characteristics of the exercise performed, it can measure:

  • height
  • ground contact times
  • reactivity
  • power
  • speed



DSC 3556

3. Polar 2 system


Measurement and training system in team sports to analyse exercise capacity by real-time observation of heart rate. Polar 2 has 10 sensors of this kind, the possibility of evaluating at the same time 10 athletes. Sensor range is up to 50 meters. It has been used successfully in the assessment of handball and volleyball teams, but also in risk areas such as military shooting ranges.

4. Photocell timing system

The radio distance used is up to 2 km. It is used in winter sports, biathlon skiing, downhill skiing, cross-country skiing and athletics. Departure and arrival times are automatically recorded at the passage through the photo cell, but the sample data is automatically transmitted to the programme software.


DSC 3529


This instrument is easy to use, its main feature is the measurement of muscle and bone mass. The software provides this information for each of the upper and lower limbs.

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6. H/P Cosmos Treadmill

Cardiac telemetry

Effort tests

                        Measures the level of effort development based on individual characteristics. This treadmill, adapted to the sport training environment, has a lifting function at a 10-degree ramp. 24 effort programmes can be used depending on the specificity of the sport. Together with the Polar 2 software, we can assess the athlete's cardiac frequency during the evaluations. It can also be used successfully in recreational sports, especially for the elderly and for people with disabilities.



DSC 3449


The instrument measures the plantar print and static balance with pressure sensors and a camera, which are connected to the software. It can be successfully used in diagnosis by 9 control samples by physiotherapists and / or specialists in posturology.

8. Vienna Test Sport System

This measuring instrument was capitalized by evaluating several populations of adolescents (disabilities, behavioural disorders, normal population) and by athletes. Through control and training issues, the evaluator can measure participants' ability to keep their attention focused over a long period of time, successfully performing monotonous tasks; the ability to properly perform tasks in an environment with disturbances and stress; confronting the acceleration forces that appear in tight curves that require a high level of concentration, perfect coordination and aeronautical precision; activities that involve a high degree of sensory, attentional, anticipative control.