Research fields

The activity of the research centre falls within the main promoted domains within the National Strategy for Research, Development and Innovation 2014-2020 concerning the Smart specialisation (Environment, Information technology and communications) and national Priorities (Health) that is, in the main research domains launched within the European Programme for Research- Development- Innovation for 2014-2020, Horizon 2020, that aims at the leadership position within the industrial sector through the leadership position within the domain of generic and industrial technologies (Advanced manufacturing systems, Information and communications Technologies, Advanced Materials), and Societal Challenges (Health, sustainable Agriculture).


Starting from the recommendations of the European Union for Romania, that emphasize innovation as an instrument for capitalizing research results in the economic environment, for competitiveness and economic growth, the main aim is to develop research activities with a high degree of complexity for high performance mechatronic systems with applications to industry, agriculture, information and communication technologies, medicine, ergonomics, and job security. In this context, the main objectives are:

  • The concept, design and rapid prototyping of advanced mechatronic systems;
  • To design, model and test intelligent systems for measuring, acquisition and interpreting of results for high precision products;
  • To develop high performance mechatronic systems for the analysis and testing of human organism’s behaviour;
  • To encourage and stimulate research activities, design, expertise and consultancy for high precision products and mechatronic systems.

The members of the research centre develop fundamental and applicative scientific research activities, they develop a capitalization system of the results through product development, innovation and technological transfer, testing and consultancy services attributed to the beneficiaries from the economic environment. All of these are divided into two sectors:

  • Advanced mechatronic systems with applications to industry, agriculture and information and communication technologies;
  • Advanced mechatronic systems with applications to medicine, ergonomics and job security.
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