Research fields

The research activity is focused on scientific, artistic, didactic and pedagogical, medical and psychological sciences. It is carried out within working groups of university professors affiliated nationally and internationally alongside students, master’s students and doctoral students, as well as teachers from pre-university education, within the postgraduate training programme.


  • promoting research and artistic creation projects, in an interdisciplinary vision, in accordance with the tendencies of contemporary arts, in order to achieve an open communication to various fields of knowledge and human activity;
  • creative evaluation of the obtained results and their implementation in music education, musicology, music criticism, composition, creation and musical interpretation;
  • highlighting the results of research by organizing specific events, nationally and internationally: scientific communication sessions, symposia and conferences, masterclass courses, concerts and recitals, festivals and competitions; editing of CDs and DVDs, editing of volumes of artistic creation and musicology;
  • participation in national and international scientific and artistic cooperation programmes, through joint research grants;
  • adapting the activity of the institution, the Faculty of Music, to the level of national and international academic requirements and standards, by training and promoting performance specialists in theoretical and practical interpretive research.

Cultural patrimony, musical folklore (Prof. Dr. Mădălina RUCSANDA)

Collecting musical folklore, especially from the native areas of our students, and its capitalization in the specialty classes as well as in concerts is a constant activity and an essential element in the professional formation.

Musical interpretation (Prof. Dr. Ignac FILIP)

Musical interpretation - vocal and instrumental - is manifested through individual and collective recitals and concerts within local, national and international events - festivals, master classes or workshops.

Artistic and scientific events (Prof. Dr. Ioan OARCEA)

The artistic and scientific events calendar is planned annually by thematic areas and includes specific vocal and instrumental interpretation as well as scientific research activities.

Musical education (Assoc. Prof. Dr. Petre Marcel VÂRLAN)

In addition to specialized artistic training, faculty students complete their studies in the field of musical didactics, so as to pursue a teaching career at the highest level required by contemporary education.

Musicology (Prof. Dr. Petruța COROIU)

Musicological research is an essential element in the formation of the musical personality and is a permanent activity of teachers and students alike.

Musical composition (Assoc. Prof. Dr. Roxana PEPELEA)

Creativity is a form of specific artistic communication and is manifested through compositions that are accomplished within specialty classes.

Musical therapy (Prof. Dr. Stela DRĂGULIN)

Musical therapy, as a complex psycho-therapeutic method, aims to induce positive changes in human conduct as well as in the treatment of physical, mental or emotional disorders.