Products and services with innovative potential

Capitalizing on secondary wooden resourcesBranch wood and wooding originating from sessile oak thinning(Quercus petrea spp.).

New wooden boards that can be used in manufacturing furniture have been developed based on sustainability principles and raw materials characteristics. The structure, texture and the aesthetic and mechanic qualities of these secondary resources are capitalized in an innovative manner. A number of five products and procedures patented by the State Office for Inventions and Trademarks are proof of our expertise in this field of product development.

Innovative capitalizing on agricultural waste fibres for manufacturing thermal insulation boards

By the innovative use of sunflower seed shells, two types of wood boards have been developed and patented, one meant to be used inside and the other outside. The procedure used for obtaining them has been patented too.

Development of adhesives that can be used in the wood industry,

especially in plywood manufacturing. The research and the patented products concentrated on the creation of new networks of urea- formaldehyde adhesives that can be used on industrial scale in plywood manufacturing.

Development of new procedures for determining formaldehyde emissions.

The patents developed in this category significantly improve the process of determining formaldehyde emissions by the flask method.

The services provided by the research centre Furniture Eco-design, Restoration and Certification in Wood Industry fall into the following categories:
  • Product eco-design – capitalizing on secondary wooden resources
  • Conservation – wooden products restoration/ built patrimony
  • Determining formaldehyde content and emissions in wooden products
  • Determining VOC content and emissions
  • Certification in the wood industry