Research fields

The main research fields, according to PNCDI III priorities, are: energy, environment and climatic change, respectively eco-nanotehnologies and advanced materials.

Within the first field, the main activity areas are:

  • Development of a control system for smart microgrid with renewable energy sources (SER) and energy storage systems;
  • Investigations on high efficiency asynchronous machines used as motors/ generators;
  • Development of a control system for smart microgrid with SER for urban power supply of electrical vehicles;
  • Development of advanced monitoring, diagnosis and prognosis systems in the field of electrical engineering and testing services for electromagnetc perturbations of electrical equipment.

Within the second field, the main activity areas are:

  • Modelling and simulation of magnetic, electrical and statistical properties of mesoscopic systems with applications in signal theory and spintronics;
  • Special applications such as devices for magnetocaloric cooling, magnetic field sensors, rotation sensors;
  • Obtaining materials and magnetic structures, complex magnetic and electrical description thereof;
  • Development of advanced high stability techniques for magnetic and electrical description of materials in a magnetic field of up to 7 T and temperatures ranging between 2-700 K;
  • Modelling by micromagnetic methods of magnetic structures used in sensors with applications in the automotives and energetics.