International Colloquium ACUM 2022

27-28 October 2022

Transilvania University of Braşov, Faculty of Sociology and Communication and the Romanian Sociologists Society invite you to attend the 11th edition of the International Colloquium of Social Sciences and Communication (ACUM 2022) and the National RSS Conference, scheduled for 27-28 October 2022, in Brasov, Romania.
Extraordinary events take place during our lives, extreme experiences are lived, and unusual decisions are made. As social scientists, we have not lived more challenging times for our profession. There is no field or topic that has not become extraordinary - people work differently, the educational process has suddenly changed its parameters, everyday life is unpredictable, attitudes are strange, the rules are new, political decisions are difficult to understand, communication is paradoxical, violence is at an unusual level, discrimination takes atypical forms and so on. Extraordinary actors and bizarre changes require exceptional social sciences. The conference invites you to contribute to exceptional social science studying unconventional topics, behaviors and processes that deviate from rules, relationships and institutions that (do not) adapt to the new.  

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