Contracts with companies

Contracts with companies and other institutions 2022


Study regarding the establishment of fuel consumption and of time and production norms in the wood collection activity, as a result of the modernization of the equipment park of the overhead units
  • Client: Regia Nationala a Padurilor - ROMSILVA
  • Contract coordinator: Borz Stelian Alexandru
  • Contract no.4522/14.05.2020
  • Implementation Period: 2020-2022
Dendrological study of Vulcan Municipality Park
  • Client: SC RONO AQUA SRL Oradea
  • Contract coordinator: Ciocirlan Elena
  • Contract no.14559/27.10.2021
  • Implementation Period: 2021-2022
Development of geneticmarkers for the analisys of adaptation of beech and oak to drought stress
  • Client: Universitatea de Stiinte Aplicate si Arte (HAWK) Goettingen
  • Contract coordinator: Ciocirlan Elena
  • Contract no.16365/16.11.2021
  • Implementation Period: 2021-2022
Research on the application of disruptive technologies in the field of intelligent manufacturing
  • Contract coordinator: Florescu  Adriana
  • Contract no.14731/16.12.2020
  • Implementation Period: 2020-2022
Diversifying the product range by developing new types of pasta - dietary products
  • Contract coordinator: Lupu  Mirabela Ioana
  • Contract no.2647/12.03.2019              
  • Implementation Period: 2019-2022
Research for the implementation of the integrated quality management system - social responsibility - Good Manufacturing Practice (GP) in order to obtain the SR EN ISO 9001: 2015 certification and to meet the specific requirements of the COSTCO client
  • Client: Bialetti Stainless Steel SRL
  • Contract coordinatorMihail Laurentiu-Aurel
  • Contract no.: 5554/21.05.2120
  • Implementation Period: 2021-2022


Consultancy for applying the works of stand enhancement and forestry guide issuance for the forests owned by SC Tornator SRL
  • Client: SC Tornator SRL
  • Contract coordinator: Nicolescu Valeriu Norocel
  • Contract no.: 651/19.01.2022
  • Implementation Period: 2022
Streamlining the process of specific sports training for the women's basketball team of the ACS Ralph club
  • ClientAsociatia Club Sportiv Ralph
  • Contract coordinatorOancea Bogdan
  • Contract no.2494/02.03.2021
  • Implementation Period: 2021-2023
Chemical analyses and microhardness
  • ClientSC ARA SRL
  • Contract coordinatorPop Mihai Alin
  • Contract no.: 3938/08.04.2021
  • Implementation Period: 2021
Technology Consultacy Agreement Developing Romanian Forest Policy
  • Client: IKEA Supply AG
  • Contract coordinator: Popa Bogdan
  • Contract no.5502/1/20.05.2021
  • Implementation Period: 2021-2022
Technical consultancy regarding the contract no. 4451/48/2019 - Acquisition of works execution (technical project + execution details project + technical assistance for design+execution), within the project Modernization, equipment and energy efficiency of the Ug + Gf + 7 + At building and extension body (connection), existing between the new building and the old building of the Clinical Hospital of Obstetrics-Gynecology "Dr. AI Sbarcea" Brasov - SMIS code 110264
  • Client: Județul Brașov
  • Contract coordinator: Tuns Ioan 
  • Contract no.881/27.01.2020
  • Implementation Period: 2020-2021


External expertise services testing, analysis and technical consultancy within “Thematic Trail Trigger - Three T” Project
  • Client: Judetul Brasov
  • Contract coordinator: Tarulescu Stelian
  • Contract no.: 14979/01.11.2021
  • Implementation Period: 2021-2022


Research on testing with advanced methods of digital systems
  • Client: SC Arc SRL Brasov
  • Contract coordinatorUrsutiu Doru
  • Contract no.: 9690/06.08.2021
  • Implementation Period: 2021-2022