Contracts with companies

Contracts with companies and other institutions 2020


Support for Creating a Financial-Accounting Application for CryptoCurrencies
  • Client: Interlink Group SRL
  • Contract coordinatorAnton Carmen Elena
  • Contract no.: 2282/02.03.2020
  • Implementation Period: 2020
Design of a Strategy for Developing the Forest Road Network in the Forests Administered by RNP ROMSILVA and Creation of a Database for Monitoring the Works to Be Executed
  • Client: RNP - Romsilva
  • Contract coordinator Borz Stelian Alexandru/Iordache Eugen/Musat Elena Camelia
  • Contract no.: 2315/02.03.2017
  • Implementation Period: 2017-2020
Optimization of the financial accounting and tax information system to improve the performance of business activities in the financial year 2020
  • Client: Stanjenel SRL
  • Contract coordinatorBusuioceanu Steliana
  • Contract no.2220/28.02.2020
  • Implementation Period: 2020
Re-magnetization of magnetic parts in magneto sub-assemblies
  • Client: SC IAR SA
  • Contract coordinatorCalin Marius-Daniel
  • Contract no.10730/19.09.2019
  • Implementation Period: 2019-2020
Intelligent HMI (Human Machine Interface) system for controlling devices using hand gestures
  • Client: Creature Promotion SRL
  • Contract coordinatorCocias Tiberiu Teodor
  • Contract no.6885/26.06.2019
  • Implementation Period: 2019-2020
Optical system for verification of the fuses
  • Client: Miele Tehnica SRL
  • Contract coordinatorCotfas Petru Adrian
  • Contract no. 9639/30.08.2019
  • Implementation Period: 2019-2020
Study on measuring the effective length of RATBV bus lines
  • Client: RATBV SA
  • Contract coordinatorCovaciu Dinu
  • Contract no.12751/15.10.2019
  • Implementation Period: 2019-2020
Integrated Management Plan for the Protected Area ROSCI0156 Gosman Mountains
  • Client: Regia Nationala a Padurilor ROMSILVA-Directia Silvica Neamt
  • Contract coordinatorGurean Dan-Marian
  • Contract no.3796/05.04.2017
  • Implementation Period: 2017-2020
Nemoral deciduous forests under climatic extremes along thermal and hygric gradients in Romania and Germany - Ecosystem adaptations and their potential as energy wood source
  • Client: University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hildesheim/Holzminden/Goettingen
  • Contract coordinatorIndreica Victor Adrian
  • Contract no. 5787/14.05.2018
  • Implementation Period: 2018-2020


Wildlife study in the area of the Timisoara airport. Risks assessment.
  • Client: SN Aeroportul International "Traian Vuia" SA Timisoara
  • Contract coordinatorIonescu Ovidiu
  • Contract no.15289/27.11.2019
  • Implementation Period: 2020-2021
Development and Evaluation of Approaches for Parameter Optimisation and Systems Biology Modelling for Prediction of Drug Response in Cancer Patients
  • Client: Alacris Theranostics GmbH, Berlin, Germany
  • Contract coordinatorItu Lucian
  • Contract no.12089/07.10.2019
  • Implementation Period: 2019-2020
Opportunity of using labor force from outside the E.U. within the Romanian companies 
  • Client: Cornelius Energy SRL
  • Contract coordinatorLitra Adriana Veronica
  • Contract no.2283/02.03.2020
  • Implementation Period: 2020
Straw briquettes properties tests
  • Contract coordinatorLunguleasa Aurel
  • Contract no.15786/06.12.2019
  • Implementation Period: 2019-2020
Straw briquettes tests
  • Contract coordinatorLunguleasa Aurel
  • Contract no.11333/27.09.2019
  • Implementation Period: 2019-2020
Diversifying the product range by developing new types of pasta - dietary products
  • Contract coordinatorLupu Mirabela Ioana
  • Contract no.2647/12.03.2019
  • Implementation Period: 2019-2021
Residential Area Access Based on a Facial Recognition System 
  • Client: RG DESIGN SRL
  • Contract coordinatorMacesanu Gigel
  • Contract no.13866/30.10.2019
  • Implementation Period: 2019-2021
Reducing the mechanical stresses of the high temperature pressure vessel located in the 20 kW ThermoLift heat pump
  • Contract coordinatorManea  Adrian Constantin /Velea Marian Nicolae
  • Contract no.1105/01.02.2019 - contract subsecvent 15382/29.11.2019
  • Implementation Period: 2019-2020
Study for the determination of TCI post-calculation for the year 2019 according to NTE 013/16/00
  • Client: SDEE Transilvania Sud SA
  • Contract coordinatorMotoasca Septimiu-Daniel
  • Contract no.1571/12.02.2020
  • Implementation Period: 2020
Post-execution consultancy services and periodic monitoring of the project "Groundwater drainage in the Leisure and Entertainment Centre area of Poiana Brasov""
  • Client: Brasov Municipality
  • Contract coordinatorNastac Cristian
  • Contract no.14529/11.11.2019
  • Implementation Period: 2019-2020
Study of the flow hydraulics in torrential conditions on the Ghimbasel riverbed and measures for its consolidation
  • Client: Administration of Cristian
  • Contract coordinatorNastac Cristian
  • Contract no.17862/11.12.2018
  • Implementation Period: 2018-2020
Research on silvicultural interventions in European beech stands and establishment of an experimental-demonstrative tree marking area in the Private Forest District Oituz-Bacau
  • Client: SC Tornator SRL
  • Contract coordinatorNicolescu Valeriu Norocel
  • Contract no.3536/03.04.2020
  • Implementation Period: 2020
Academic support services agreement - Rectify and Mosaic 700 Corona Satellite images
  • Client: University of Wisconsin, USA
  • Contract coordinatorNita Mihai Daniel
  • Contract no.8059/02.07.2018
  • Implementation Period: 2018-2020
Ecosystem impacts of intervertebrate herbivores across forest ecosystems globally
  • Client: Lund University
  • Contract coordinatorPetritan Ion Catalin
  • Contract no.6811/25.06.2019
  • Implementation Period: 2019-2021
Hinge chemical composition
  • Client: Eldon SRL
  • Contract coordinatorPop Mihai Alin
  • Contract no.1073/31.01.2020
  • Implementation Period: 2020
Integrated Management Plan for the Protected Area ROSPA0138 Piatra Soimului-Scorteni-Garleni
  • Client: Regia Nationala a Padurilor ROMSILVA-Directia Silvica Neamt
  • Contract coordinatorPopa Bogdan
  • Contract no.3794/05.04.2017
  • Implementation Period: 2017-2020
Reestablishment of a Norway spruce seed orchard in Sudrigiu Forest District, Bihor County
  • Client: RNP - Romsilva
  • Contract coordinatorSofletea Neculae
  • Contract no.7642/22.06.2018
  • Implementation Period: 2018-2021
Vegetative multiplication by grafting of the narrow crowned Norway spruce
  • Client: INCDS Marin Dracea, statiunea Brasov
  • Contract coordinatorSofletea Neculae
  • Contract no.3458/01.04.2020
  • Implementation Period: 2020
Modernization of transport in the city of Hunedoara through investments in clean public transport - Central Corridor
  • Client: FIP Consulting Bucuresti
  • Contract coordinatorTarulescu Radu
  • Contract no.666/22.01.2020
  • Implementation Period: 2020
Modernization of transport in the city of Hunedoara through investments in clean public transport - Eastern Corridor
  • Client: FIP Consulting Bucuresti
  • Contract coordinatorTarulescu Radu
  • Contract no.667/22.01.2020
  • Implementation Period: 2020
Modernization of transport in the city of Hunedoara through investments in clean public transport – Western Corridor
  • Client: FIP Consulting Bucuresti
  • Contract coordinatorTarulescu Radu
  • Contract no.668/22.01.2020
  • Implementation Period: 2020
Research and development of an intelligent system for application of supercapacitors technology at artificial lighting
  • Client: SC Steinel Electronic SRL
  • Contract coordinatorUrsutiu Doru/Samoila Cornel
  • Contract no.1855/20.02.2020
  • Implementation Period: 2020
Estimation of deviations resulting from the evaluation of standing tree volume and the evaluation of the timber after harvesting, for Norway spruce and silver fir trees (underlying the technological consumption of each specific operation).
  • Contract coordinatorVasilescu Maria Magdalena/Dinulica Florin/Borz Stelian Alexandru
  • Contract no.9168/20.07.2018
  • Implementation Period: 2018-2020
Evaluation of formaldehyde emission from wood based composites by the chamber method with 1 m3.
  • Client: Kronospan Trading SRL
  • Contract coordinatorZeleniuc Octavia
  • Contract no.6800/25.06.2019
  • Implementation Period: 2019-2020