Contracts with companies

Contracts with companies and other institutions 2021


Investigation of the antibacterial properties of CaP-based layers doped with Mg or Si or Zn, using various types of bacteria
  • ClientThe National Research-Development Institute for Optoelectronics - INOE 2000
  • Contract coordinator: Badea Mihaela
  • Contract no.12964/10.11.2020
  • Implementation Period: 2020-2021
Achievement of mechanical and tribological tests for samples with tribological coatings (Hardness Test, Scratch Test, Pin/Ball on Disk Tribometer Test) 
  • ClientHoria Hulubei National Institute for Research and Development in Physics and Nuclear Engineering - IFIN-HH 
  • Contract coordinatorCristea Daniel
  • Contract no.: 13440/16.11.2020
  • Implementation Period: 2020-2021
Research on the application of disruptive technologies in the field of intelligent manufacturing
  • Contract coordinator: Florescu  Adriana
  • Contract no.14731/16.12.2020
  • Implementation Period: 2020-2021
Study on the regeneration of pedunculate oak groves from the forest-steppe and from the transition to the hilly plain - the forest districts of Craiova, Filiasi, Sadova and Segarcea
  • Client: Regia Nationala a Padurilor - ROMSILVA
  • Contract coordinatorGresita Irinel
  • Contract no.: 7291/14.08.2020
  • Implementation Period: 2020-2021
Integrated Management Plan for the Protected Area ROSCI0156 Gosman Mountains
  • Client: Regia Nationala a Padurilor ROMSILVA-Directia Silvica Neamt
  • Contract coordinatorGurean Dan-Marian
  • Contract no.3796/05.04.2017
  • Implementation Period: 2017-2020
Wildlife study in the area of the Timisoara airport. Risks assessment.
  • Client: SN Aeroportul International "Traian Vuia" SA Timisoara
  • Contract coordinatorIonescu Ovidiu
  • Contract no.15289/27.11.2019
  • Implementation Period: 2020-2021
Drafting of a promotion strategy
  • Client: SC Sanosan SRL
  • Contract coordinatorKovacs Attila
  • Contract no.9428/14.09.2020
  • Implementation Period: 2020-2021


Updating the study of species and herds of small mammals in the area of influence of the Rovina mining projec
  • Client: SAMAX Romania SRL
  • Contract coordinatorLazar Ana-Maria
  • Contract no.: 11305/12.10.2020
  • Implementation Period: 2020
Diversifying the product range by developing new types of pasta - dietary products
  • Contract coordinatorLupu Mirabela Ioana
  • Contract no.2647/12.03.2019
  • Implementation Period: 2019-2021
Residential Area Access Based on a Facial Recognition System 
  • Client: RG DESIGN SRL
  • Contract coordinatorMacesanu Gigel
  • Contract no.13866/30.10.2019
  • Implementation Period: 2019-2021
Services of post-execution consultancy and periodic monitoring of the works of “Groundwater drainage in the area of Poiana Brasov Leisure and Entertainment Centre”
  • Client: Municipality of Brasov
  • Contract coordinatorNastac Cristian
  • Contract no.14529/11.11.2019
  • Implementation Period: 2019-2021
Study regarding the establishment of fuel consumption and of time and production norms in the wood collection activity, as a result of the modernization of the equipment park of the overhead units
  • Client: Regia Nationala a Padurilor - ROMSILVA
  • Contract coordinator: Borz Stelian Alexandru
  • Contract no.4522/14.05.2020
  • Implementation Period: 2020-2021
Research for the implementation of “Quality for Industry 4.0” concept by the instrumentality of  “EIT Manufacturing Hub Romania”
  • Contract coordinator: Mihail Laurentiu-Aurel
  • Contract no.: 372/12.01.2021
  • Implementation Period: 2021
Consultancy for the application of the capitalization works (thinnings) on the forest stands property of SC Tornator SRL
  • Client: SC Tornator SRL
  • Contract coordinator: Nicolescu Valeriu Norocel
  • Contract no.: 574/19.01.2021
  • Implementation Period: 2021
Consultancy for establishing the optimal solutions for the management of the stands in the private Forest District Oituz
  • Client: SC Tornator SRL
  • Contract coordinatorNicolescu Valeriu Norocel
  • Contract no.: 6210/07.07.2020
  • Implementation Period: 2020-2021


Ecosystem impacts of intervertebrate herbivores across forest ecosystems globally
  • Client: Lund University
  • Contract coordinatorPetritan Ion Catalin
  • Contract no.6811/25.06.2019
  • Implementation Period: 2019-2021
Integrated Management Plan for the Protected Area ROSPA0138 Piatra Soimului-Scorteni-Garleni
  • Client: Regia Nationala a Padurilor ROMSILVA-Directia Silvica Neamt
  • Contract coordinatorPopa Bogdan
  • Contract no.3794/05.04.2017
  • Implementation Period: 2017-2020


Reestablishment of a Norway spruce seed orchard in Sudrigiu Forest District, Bihor County
  • Client: RNP - Romsilva
  • Contract coordinatorSofletea Neculae
  • Contract no.7642/22.06.2018
  • Implementation Period: 2018-2021
Technical consultancy regarding the contract no. 4451/48/2019 - Acquisition of works execution (technical project + execution details project + technical assistance for design+execution), within the project Modernization, equipment and energy efficiency of the Ug + Gf + 7 + At building and extension body (connection), existing between the new building and the old building of the Clinical Hospital of Obstetrics-Gynecology "Dr. AI Sbarcea" Brasov - SMIS code 110264
  • Client: Județul Brașov
  • Contract coordinator: Tuns Ioan 
  • Contract no.881/27.01.2020
  • Implementation Period: 2020-2021
Services of supervision, technical consultancy, with a view to implementing the Contractual Agreement no. 1/85/2019 DESIGN AND EXECUTION OF CONSTRUCTION AND INSTALLATION WORKS FOR 9 OBJECTS
  • Client: County of Brasov
  • Contract coordinatorTuns Ioan
  • Contract no.: 9698/18.09.2020
  • Implementation Period: 2020-2021
Research on test methods applied to electronic systems and equipment
  • Client: SC Arc SRL Brasov
  • Contract coordinatorUrsutiu Doru
  • Contract no.: 13360/23.10.2019
  • Implementation Period: 2020-2021